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Member Moment: Mimi Brock Moseley

Your Name: Mimi Brock Moseley

How do we connect with you on social media: @mimimoseley @moseleycellars Mimi.moseley@facebook.com

Your bio: Mimi hails originally from Atlanta, where she honed her skills in encouragement.

“Southerners are all about building courage into others to be their best while making the choice to be sweet in the process,” she says.

MimiThe encouragement calling started in her high school years as a cheerleader where she found encouragement was what she was made to do. This calling continued through college at the University of West Georgia and today.

Mimi and her husband, Marty, moved to Redding six years ago to be closer to their sons and their families. Marty’s love of winemaking was celebrated by their friends and, shortly after their arrival in Redding, they open Moseley Family Cellars. The first location was downtown in the Gateway building. Mimi loved downtown and quickly immersed herself in a downtown business association and became a class member of Leadership Redding. Leadership Redding set her on the path of knowledge about the city, solidifying her love of Redding.

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