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Join us Friday to support our grant recipients

Costume Party

We hope to see you 6:30 p.m. Friday as we support females in filmmaking at the Firereel Film Festival’s Gala Event at Old City Hall. Tickets are $20

Shasta County Arts Council received a $9,500 grant from The Women’s Fund of Shasta Regional Community Foundation for the Females in Filmmaking program, which has connected young women to the digital world, specifically the film industry.

Friday’s event concludes a three-week class sponsored by one of our grants. It has resulted in several young women receiving training and hands-on involvement in the creation of a short digital film. Read more about our grants here.


Women’s Fund grant to make dreams come true

By Laura Christman

“Females in Filmmaking,” a three-week class powered by a $9,500 grant from The Women’s Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation – explores scriptwriting, filming, editing and more.

Will one of the six participants in the Redding summer film camp go on to become a big-name director or producer one day?

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 6.12.12 PMPerhaps. Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy grew up in Redding, after all. Or maybe the camp will spark interest in a career in video production or the launch of a production company. On a more basic level, the knowledge gained could be used to create a video for a college application, a YouTube film promoting a cause, video clips announcing school events or an online tutorial teaching a talent.

Digital arts come into play in a lot of different ways.

“There is a huge demand for visual content,” says Debra Lucero, executive director of Shasta County Arts Council, the nonprofit that received the grant and is offering the class.

The North State isn’t Hollywood, but filmmaking skills can lead to jobs in the region, says Joy Thayer, class instructor and executive producer of Speropictures, a Redding film production company. Continue reading “Women’s Fund grant to make dreams come true”

Videos, Photos and Audio: State of the Fund

IMG_6765 2

The Women’s Fund of Shasta Regional Community Foundation held its State of the Fund Thursday at the McConnell Foundation. The event featured speaker Silas Lyons, editor of the Record Searchlight, a Q&A with two women who benefitted from one of our grants and the announcement that “fostering self-sufficiency” is this year’s theme for grants from The Women’s Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation.

We have captured Silas’ speech here in this audiocast. If you missed the event, you’ll want to listen. It may even bring a tear to your eye. It did to many in attendance. 


We also have video. (See next page) Continue reading “Videos, Photos and Audio: State of the Fund”

Grant to aid training for women firefighters

Bedtime (1)Some of you may be aware International Women’s Day is here, but what you may not be aware of is the trailblazing event happening in Shasta County and The Women’s Fund’s involvement.

Terra Fuego Resource Foundation was recently awarded a grant by The Women’s Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation to provide an all-woman wildland firefighter training program. Open to women throughout Shasta County, the participants are currently learning what it takes to become a wildland firefighter.

Female representation within the fire industry is fairly low and Terra Fuego, with the help of locally based wildland fire suppression company, Firestorm, are training these women for the mental and physical requirements for the job and are providing free training, resources and materials to help these women find a career path that is right for them. Continue reading “Grant to aid training for women firefighters”

Welcome to The Women’s Fund blog

Welcome to The Women’s Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation’s blog. It has been created to enhance  Mondaycommunication among members, celebrate our successes and share information. From our upcoming events, such as the Feb. 11 Forum on Homelessness and State of the Fund in May to the personal stories of our grant recipients, member profiles and accomplishments, as well as casual meetups, it all will be documented here.

The Women’s Fund member Laura Christman Manual, a local journalist, will be writing many of our blog posts and I’ll contribute so#WhyIFundme, as well. Member Ashlee Tate and I also will be collecting and posting members’ profiles for our Member Moments feature. We ask that you upload your photo and fill out your profile information on this Google Document we created.

Ashlee will be asking for a few minutes of your time to create individual video testimonials based on the theme #WhyIFund. She may ask those who are more tech-savvy to do it on their own and submit. She and I will record videos of other members by either scheduling a time or approaching at events over the next year — so be ready to share why you belong to the the WednesdayWomen’s Fund and why it’s special.

Carole Ferguson has created and will moderate The Women’s Fund Facebook Group for members only. The Facebook group is different from our Facebook Page in that you’ll be able to engage in discussions, celebrate one another, share photographs and videos, as well as links to content that you think may be of interest to members. If you haven’t been added to the group yet, friend one of us on Facebook and we’ll be happy to add you. Continue reading “Welcome to The Women’s Fund blog”