Give collective philanthropy a boost

img_4661Collective philanthropy is powerful. And it can be amplified this month through North State Giving Tuesday on Nov. 29.

But before we get to that, let’s drill down for a moment on the concept of collective philanthropy, which is the core of The Women’s Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation. The idea is that lots of little adds up to make a big impact. Pooling individual donations from those with the ability and generosity to give is an effective strategy for helping those in need. The Women’s Fund works toward solutions for women in the Redding area struggling to break through generational poverty and underachievement.

“Through collective giving, we can give much more back to our communities than we ever could as individuals,” says Women’s Fund Chair Denise Yergenson.

Judy Salter, a founding member of The Women’s Fund, says collective philanthropy is about working together. “There is very little I can do by myself, but if we combine our resources together we can really help local women. It is then not about me, but it is about us. That is a part of The Women’s Fund that makes me very proud.”

Women’s Fund memberships of $200 or $1,000, as well as other donations, create a pool of money used for:

— grants that have helped with job skills, restorative dental work, financial literacy, parenting and other efforts

— community educational forums that have explored such topics as homelessness, mental health, bullying and entrepreneurship

— growing the organization’s permanent endowment.

The Women’s Fund has awarded a total of $215,000 in grants in the past six years and has grown its endowment to nearly $425,000.

North State Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to rev up the goodness of The Women’s Fund.

The Shasta Regional Community Foundation hosts the event on Nov. 29 as part of a worldwide effort focused on giving. The theme for North State Giving Tuesday is “give where you live.” Online donations can be made between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Nov. 29 at to support nonprofits in Shasta and Siskiyou counties.

The Women’s Fund is one of 96 organizations taking part. New members are encouraged to join and current members to renew during the 12 hours, Yergenson says. Other donations also are welcome, she adds. Memberships paid or donations made to The Women’s Fund during North State Giving Tuesday bring additional dollars.

“Shasta Regional Community Foundation has provided $80,000 in an incentive pool, as well as coordinated special prize challenges each hour,” says Amanda Hutchings, program officer with Shasta Regional Community Foundation.

So the more money The Women’s Fund receives, the more money it will be eligible for through the incentive formula. Plus there’s the chance for the prize-drawings — awards of $500 every hour to a nonprofit in Shasta and Siskiyou counties.

North State Giving Tuesday supports the important work of the many nonprofits in the region and is based on the collective philanthropy model, Hutchings says.

“The Women’s Fund has long been an example of this concept with their membership and grant-making structure. In a way, the Community Foundation emulates that same thinking and introduces it to a large-scale audience through North State Giving Tuesday,” she says.

North State Giving Tuesday is supported by Redding Bank of Commerce and United Way of Northern California. The $80,000 in incentives is provided by Shasta Regional Community Foundation through the Knodel Family Endowment Fund. Outreach and business partners in the region are sponsors for the hourly drawings.


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