Mother’s Day Tribute: Member Ashley Kellogg balancing career and family


By Carole Ferguson

Ashley Kellogg, like many of today’s mothers, is one busy woman. The engineering consultant has two young children — daughter Ryah, 5, and Clay, who will be 3 in July. But for the time being, he’s all 2-year-old boy.

Her days can become a blur of serving as referee when the kids argue, chauffeur as she takes Ryah to preschool three days a week, nature guide during outdoor adventures and teacher while they all cozy up to read books together.

And among that whirlwind of helping two young children learn about their world, she fits in working fro home with E2 Consulting Engineers providing consulting work with CH2M Engineering. She also helps put together the annual “WOW! It’s Engineering” event put on by the Society of Women Engineers of Redding.


Ashley2“It can be tough some days,” Ashley said. “I don’t have a set schedule. I fit it in when I can. Some days when I have a deadline it can be tough to entertain them.”

Mary Lascelles nominated Ashley for our Mother’s Day tribute, saying: “She’s an engineer who stays at home with kids sharing so much joy through her pictures about what they do as a family. She also stays connected to her engineering community. She is key to putting on the WOW! It’s Engineering day for fourth- through eighth-grade girls. There were 150 girls at this year which makes it the biggest to date. She’s a cool gal with a cool family.”

I asked Ashley to share some of the highlights of being a mom.

Happiest mom moments: “We have a lot of fun playing outside. We just moved, but in our older house we had a pond and we would walk around the pond to see what we can find there, like ducks and turtles. I like listening when they have creative conservations and when the play make-believe. Sometimes they want me to play with them. Usually they want me to be the mom. I say, sure, I know how to do that!”

Difficult mom moments: “It’s most difficult when they’re not getting along or getting frustrated with something they’re playing with and what I’m trying to do to help them isn’t making it any better. I try to separate them if they’re not getting along, let them be alone and recoup. When they get frustrated we find something else to do. They both like to get on the floor with a book and have quiet time.”

Advice for new moms: “Enjoy it, it goes by very fast. They’re not babies for very long. Cherish the good times. Enjoy the times you have with them at home, because when they go to kindergarten you won’t see them for most of the day.”

— Carole Ferguson for the Women’s Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation


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