Member Moment: Alexis Asbe

AlexisYour Name: Alexis Asbe
How do we connect with you:  Twitter: @alexisasbe; online: or
Your bio: With only a small space in her garage and tremendous passion, Alexis Asbe, at age 24, developed one of the country’s most celebrated event and design companies. Her work has been featured on CBS’s Evening Magazine, “Extreme Makeover:Home Edition” and has been published in national publications.

In 2007, Alexis and her husband, Kelly, founded a renovation and disaster response company in Redding. While maintaining her role as chief financial officer of Aztec Construction, Alexis provides mentorship as a business development consultant. After 25 years of hard-earned professional experience, she has acquired a variety of clients and connections that have allowed her to do what she loves best, which is cultivating success in others.

Alexis has worked with and interviewed celebrities, well-known political figures and even British royalty. Using her creative perspective and background in commerce, she has started several companies and assisted countless entrepreneurs. Remarkably, she still has enough genuine enthusiasm to raise independently thinking children, drive her husband crazy and write a best-selling book.

Most importantly, Alexis is an unflinching advocate for women in business. Her heart is to teach women how to be warriors in the corporate arena, and to retain some of their femininity while doing so. Alexis wants to encourage others to live bravely as mothers, wives, friends, creatives, visionaries and business. Find her leading and loving bravely at or


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