Member Moment: Aleta Carpenter

Your name: Aleta Carpenter

How do we connect with you on social networks: Facebook: Aleta Carpenter; Instagram: aletacarpenter; LinkedIn:

Your bio: Although born in Southern California, Aleta considers herself a Northern Californian, living in Shasta County from age 5 to 21, and returning to her roots after a 40-year absence. As many locals do, Aleta headed down the valley to Sacramento, where she spent most of those years engaged in political activity, both as a lobbyist and as a Capitol staff person working for the legislator who represented Shasta County.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 4.31.15 PMIn her 40s, Aleta decided to complete a long-delayed undergraduate degree and holds a bachelor’s degree in communication (intercultural and instructional), with a journalism minor, a master’s degree in communication, and certifications in public relations, mediation and conflict resolution. Additional professional pursuits include stints as a consultant in the areas of public and governmental relations, a public speaking teacher at Sacramento State University, and a writer and editor of a professional publication.  

Aleta is happy to return to Shasta County and undertake projects and positions that enable her to benefit those in need, especially women and children. She has dedicated her retirement to giving back to the community that gave her so much during her formative years, through involvement not only with The Women’s Fund, but also One SAFE Place, Turtle Bay, the Youth Violence Prevention Council, the California Heritage YouthBuild Academy and the Tobacco Education Coalition. She also serves on the national board of American Women Artists.


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