Member Moment: Mary Lascelles

Your Name: Mary Lascelles

How do we connect with you on social media: Twitter: @BoomerEye; Instagram: @BoomerEye; BoomerEye or ReloMary; LinkedIn: ReloMary.  

Your bio: A Minnesotan by birth, Mary Lascelles arrived in the Redding area the end of 1982 after a year long backpacking trip to New Zealand with a childhood friend. It was a year that stands out in many ways. One that is obvious is she married while there. She and her husband, Mark, returned to the states to search for a location on the West Coast to settle. Having never heard of Redding, they arrived and have spent over three decades here digging in and enjoying life.Mary

After a gratifying twenty years working as a registered nurse at Memorial Hospital/Redding Medical Center, because of the robust real estate market she went to work at their real estate company to expand the relocation department in 2003. Mary was surprised to realize she liked it. And relocation, like nursing, fed that need she has to help others. She is still known as ReloMary ( assisting those who realize the importance of working with a great Realtor but don’t know where to start. Mary’s a viable resource in an arena many don’t even know exists.

Redding is a nice size town to find a niche to get involved. Over the years, while raising two adventurous sons, Mary was active volunteering in their classrooms, school fundraising and their soccer, baseball, skiing, and snowboarding. Volunteering over a decade as a bid assistant with “Crying Out Loud Charity Auctions”, you may have seen her more than once at such auctions as Turtle Bay, North State Cancer League, Christmas Tree Fantasy, UPrep and Make-A-Wish.

As a current member of The Women’s Fund cabinet, Mary has used her knowledge of social media and keen interest in photography to help get the message out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She has documented various community activities such as Society of Women Engineers WOW Day, Airports for Autism, The Women’s Fund events and looks forward to taking her photography to a new level as she and her husband board their motorhome later in 2016 to explore some of the nation’s out of the way places.



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